This is utterly tasteless. I suggest you remove the Obama and Bush monkey, and take down the website.


Do you have any hooded white sheet wearing KKK dolls? Like you, I’d hate to see racial hatred become a thing of the past. Sincerely im_ancient

- im_ancient

Giving something (SockPoliticians) to someone BEFORE the Presidential Elections?
(So that it might be used by teachers as a case study in racisim…)

Giving collectibles (SockPoliticians) to someone AFTER the Presidential Elections?
(Pointless, our guy won.)

Sue A Gould

We need Bush the Baboon too. My daughter made one up. It even has a cowboy hat.
And please show Bush and Cheney with their “typical” white KKK hoods and saluting Hiler.
Hate, hate hate.

Lawrence J Ripani

I hope you are a black person in your next life. you are soooo stupid and making money off this thing you think you invented makes me puke. put your teabags on and go away

myrt jl.wt@ve**

stupid toy


Good going; it’s fascinating that you have managed to convince yourself that equal treatment of black and white politicians–caricaturing them each as monkeys–exonerates you from the guilt of evoking an ugly racial stereotype, namely the association of African Americans as primates. Newsworthy, indeed. Thanks for contributing to responsible, nonpartisan political dialogue, free from ad hominem attacks and tasteless imagery; you are contributing SO MUCH to the well being of this country (I really hope that you aren’t too inbred to catch the sarcasm, mindless Cretans).

You are the vestigial limbs in our political spectrum. Useless.

Ryan Anthony Commet

I believe in making fun of our politicians especially presidents but referring to Obama our African American president as a monkey is out of line and racist.

Far from a class act thing to do.

Darren Scott Monroe

What kind of racist crap is this?


Do you have any Sean Hannity the Manatee sock puppets?
How about a Bill O’ the clown with a big red Mic nose?
Or are you just a one party offender?

Scott Chankin

You bas**rd, racist, low scum, trying to make money
smearing the President with this racial bad taste monkey business of yours.

Filippo Giansanti

I’m sure it’s a hit with the KKK, neo-nazis and others who believe black folk are animals. Shame on you.

Ron Tucker

Your racism is really impressive and classy. Your mother must be proud of you and your success. Let me know when you move out of her trailer park, so I can have the place to myself. You should have added a noose to the doll and called it the Lynch Monkey. If you had any balls at all (obviously you don’t) you would add a self-pleasuring Palin bit** dog sucking its own femme-c*** to your lineup of sh**.


You people are disgusting! Sure the 1st amendment gives you the right to do this but did any of your ancestors teach you manners or good behavior?????? Oh, I forgot, your owners might be young enough to have test tubes for parents!!!!!


Juan Galan

this is totally disrepectful. What goes around comes back arouond to bit you in the butt.

Elaine King

This is this most racist, disrespectful thing I have ever seen.

Jim McKinney,
Supporter of our President

Shame on you!




Your Obama monkey/Bush Monkey is not funny, not cute. You should be ashamed of this promotion. Put yourself on a monkey face and sell it.


F*** YOU!!!Did you make an sock monkey of your MOTHER or maybe your WH*** wife. You and the rest of your development team are A**HOLES.


You are ignorant! Anyone who purchases this sh** is equally as ignorant!

Carole Robertson



I mean really he’s a much better representation of the lower echelons of human intelligence.



Tiara Waters

You should be ashamed to promote such ignorance…but then monkey see
monkey do.

“History is a light that illuminates the past, and a key that unlocks
the door to the future.”

Joseph Saleem

people haven’t grown in 60 years! This is one way to say how stupid you really are. Ignorant….. Not cute at all.

Marie Robinson

Why would anyone want an Obama monkey? What is the deal with this? Likening Obama to a monkey? What about other Presidents? Do you offer a Bush (a**) donkey? Seems like I smell a bit of racism here!!!


That is the ugliest d*** thing I have ever seen. Why does it have a white face? Is it so nobody can say you are a racist? I am rolling on the floor laughing. Cheaters never prosper pal!

Max snagglepuss626

This is racist. You should be ashamed. Don’t give me BS that you also have a McCain monkey. All this does is breed hatred.

Brian Bode

Given our country’s racial history, and the fact that the monkey image has been used symbolically to denigrate and insult Blacks, was it really necessary to make an Obama monkey plush toy? Couldn’t another animal have been chosen, or couldn’t you have just made an Obama doll? As a Black American I am offended.

Tony Green

Obama and McCain are portrayed as the animals in their names: ObamaMonkey; McCainMonkey. Thus, Palin should look like a pitbull! I’d buy it if she actually was portrayed as the dog she is.


I am guessing that whoever designed and approved the Obama sock monkey must be ignorant of history. The sock monkey strongly resembles black face–a theatrical make-up used to portray blacks in the 1800s. It is considered horribly racist and offensive.

If you are trying to make a point about politicians being monkeys, I would STRONGLY suggest you change the obama monkey’s face or risk opening yourself up to severe backlash. As it is now, it is extraordinarily offensive.

Kelli Harsch

Are there any sara palin inflatable lifesize dolls yet
available for sale?


I’ll order a sarah palin doll only if it comes with pins i can stick into her like a voodoo!

Meg Rinaldi

You have got to be kidding? This is very racial, where are your ethics.
A very bad joke.

Anonymous Coward

You should understand when you sell a product that shows a black person as a monkey it’s a slap in the face. For years we have been called all kinds of animals and monkey is at the top of the list. Speaking as a black woman I am very offended by this product and you should really understand that African Americans do not like to be known as monkeys.

Kimberly B*****

You people are a bunch of racist red necks!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you say this doll wasn’t racially motivated? You are well aware that this country has depicted blacks as monkeys for years. You knew the racist message you were trying to send when you made that doll. Why not have him sitting on a porch? You know we’re called porch monkeys. Next time make the monkey have bigger lips and eyes that bulge out of his head.

Why not make a Michelle doll that’s dressed up in a maid outfit? You can also have their black babies in a field picking cotton. By the way refer to them as the ni**let doll, that’s the name for ni**er babies. When you’re done making your racist dolls why not have a lynching where you can hang some of us porch monkeys, j**** boos, c**ns, ni*****, and ni**lets from a tree. It will be a good old fashion KKK lynching………… Maybe this will show your patriotism to the country, and a way to get the white children involved with politics?

Shavaun Brown at

I read the story about your Obama Monkey doll and my mouth dropped open! Your monkey doll is the most racist thing I have seen for a long time, and I can’t believe you are continuing to produce it! Blacks used to be compared to monkeys and called “monkey-like” and you are only perpetrating this stereotype. You should be ashamed and embarrassed. I’m glad to see that others are expressing their opinions on several blogs. Unfortunately, there will be people who find the Obama monkey doll “cute” – but they will either be racists are just completely clueless.

Susan Jessen

You people are racist idiots and it is because of folks like you, that race relations in this country are what they are today. Apparently, you are willing to play on racist attitudes to make a buck-you suck!!

To depict Senator Obama with a tail is the lowest denominator you could have sunk to-you smack of racism.

James T Stewart at Bethel College

Please post a formal apology on your web site and stop selling the puppets.

You are an embarrasment and a disgrace to the United States.

Joyce Maughan

When will this all end!!! Your Liars!!!


Both dolls are offensive.


I’m actually glad that you’re still selling the racist Obama doll. It just reminds everyone how backwards people are (as if we’d actually forgotten) and that racism is still a problem for white people.

You fools actually have a “business.” No wonder this country is in decline, too many of our people have no brains and are content to do without, even self-satisfied in their limitations.

Mattie Stevens

Racist F****!

You still don’t get it after the outcry that you received over portraying an African American as a monkey. This has been an age old derogatory remark and to use this in the election as a method to exploit your gains is sick. You have been made aware of the concerns of your actions and continue to exploit.

You don’t seem to have any regard for the privilege whites have and the necessity of eliminating this types of propaganda. It is my hope that you get your a**es sued off. Racist bigotry and intolerance should never be allowed.

Lee Bateman

When are you going to close this down, too? Makes the Republicans look like the KKK.

Garba Maigoro

I’m sorry but I think you are all sick

Jeannie Owens

I am disgusted that SockPoliticians is pursuing the manufacture of racist playtoys after much honest and justified criticism. To equate your creation with the George Bush chimpanzee parallel is unfounded – the issue at stake is the perpetuation of an archaic myth, the Great Chain of Being. Race trumps intelligence, thus your argument is bunk. At a time when racial divides are being bridged, and when we are approaching a post-racial society, companies such as your own insist on division, racial objectification, and a disheartening playfulness with such weighty matters.

Patrick Mabey

I just read your open letter that has been making the rounds on the
internet. I just wanted to point out that free enterprise is alive and well.
Apparently you don’t understand the meaning of “censorship.” The government
didn’t force you to stop selling the sock monkey. You created a product that
enraged people who have a sense of decency, so you had to take your product
off the market. That’s free enterprise, sorry you don’t like both sides of

Again, I support your right to free speech and the right to sell whatever
product you want. Just like I support a gay person’s right to get married
and a woman’s right to determine what happens to her own body. I love

And as for the “hypocrisy” of people who say Bush looks like a monkey saying
that you can’t also say Obama looks like one. Well, that is just ignorant of
you. Unless you live under a rock, your company should be aware of the
history of hate speech that involves comparing blacks to monkeys. And that
history, regardless of your level of participation in it, makes it
completely, horrifyingly racist to evoke such a comparison.

Thank you for your time, and I hope this incident has made you more
sensitive to race issues in this country.

It’s a matter of principle.

Nora Lahl

This site is so racist. You are a disgrace to all Americans Dem or Rep.

Ben Pearson

What exactly is McCain Monkey supposed to be? I honestly can’t figure it out.

But since you seem content with perpetuating broad stereotypes of race, perhaps you should have made McCain into a Grand Wizard…since you know, all white people are in the KKK.

Also, I heard a rumor that you would be expanding your line to include “international criminals.” Are you going to do a bunch of towel head camel dolls for those dirty Arab terrorists?

Nancy Mitchell

You people are such bigots! I cannot believe you are still trying to market your racist idea!!

What is so hard to understand about this? “Porch Monkey” had been a racial slur in this country for a long time, therefore depicting a black man as a monkey is like using the racial slur! Why are you being so hateful?

Diane Neff

This is a disgusting racist product you sell. People will not tolerate your hate-for-profit product you are peddling. Is it really worth it?

Mary McEwan

It’s truely sickening what some people will do to earn a buck! Whoever your marketing person is should be fired on the spot. Whatever decency your company had is lost to most American’s who has seen these monkey dolls!

Peter Dallman
Independent voter

Don’t you get it? Racists have compared black people to monkeys since time

Well, at least you are helping alert the world to what the world is like!

Lee J Siegel

You morons are. I’m not some left wing blogger raining on your sick parade. I don’t blog, don’t read blogs and I am appalled that you are in my country breathing my air. You people are sick and profoundly stupid and profoundly greedy. May you rot in hell.

Adding McCain doesn’t cut it. Please take your racist crap out of my country

Suzanne Tronier

How vile can you be? Seriously. This is so incredibly offensive! Are you going to run a KKK monkey next? Thanks for giving our country such a stellar image.

Amy 0

I am deeply saddened that you would embarrass the Country this way. There is just no good reason to cause these problems for America…
Both of your monkeys are disturbing to all sensible people…
Can’t you just use some common sense and stop embarrassing us and yourselves… Your fifteen minutes of fame is costing all the rest of us. !!!!

Cheri Prince

Just because you added a McCain doll doesn’t mean that you still aren’t greedy, racist a**holes. Way to go!

Heather Carroll

I am sure you will be inundated with emails from others who share my feelings that this is completely racist. But I suspect that this is not an issue rather money is. But shame on you. It is people like you that make me disappointed in humanity. I doubt you are so ‘naive’ to believe that this is simply a toy.

stephanie funtowitz

Look the McCain doll is just dumb and lame. Doesn’t look like McCain, doesn’t look like a sock puppet. I have no idea where your brains are about the Obama puppet, but it recalls many racist images from the past. If you can’t see that, you’re either stupid or racist yourself. Quit trying to make money off bigots.

Paula Goodfellow

Just wondering – since you folks see fit to represent Obama as a monkey, will you also be selling Klansmen’s sheets and others appropriate paraphernalia?

(I notice that you are now also offering a McCain sock puppet – such and an obvious dodge that I doubt even a your average redneck racist will be fooled.)

How about selling “White Power” shirts? It would fit right in with your monkey puppets.

Thom Stevens

First, you raised the price of your offensive simian dipiction of America’s First Black presidential candidate, then magnify the offense by making a McCain doll a SHEEP? How about making Obama the sheep, and McCain the monkey? Oh no, that wouldn’t work, because YOU KNOW the black guy is supposed to be the monkey! Racist creeps, you are. You guys are just digging yourselves in DEEPER.

Shame on you.

Nancy Pincus

Your Obama sock monkey is offensive. Get rid of it.

–from an angry consumer

G** d***, you people are either totally racist, or totally stupid. Either way, you disgust me, and make me embarrassed to be from the USA. You should do the right thing and make some monkey dolls of yourselves, and the idiotic senator Chris “homophobe, sexually repressed, racist, religious zealot, science denier” Buttars. You–no doubt–voted for him. You’re cut from the same moronic cloth.

JT Draper
Salt Lake City

You still don’t get it. Is there a tail on the McCain doll? As long as you continue to put the tail on the Obama sock (monkey), you are making a very racist statement. Read your history. Apologetic? I think not. Foiled in your first money-making attempt? Obviously.

Of course. You are using your racism to sell a product. You are obviously proud of it. So much for your “naivete” and “apology”. It is clear that you are indeed providing an education on the political process. I don’t know who you are, and don’t want to, so I will not tell Ed hi.

Ed & Marilynne Glatfelter

Shame on you for insisting on selling the “Obama Sock Monkey.” Are you not aware that for hundreds of years black people have been demeaned and dehumanized by the comparison of black folks to monkeys? Don’t you see that your depiction of Obama (exaggerated size of lips, etc.) resembles some of the racist images of blacks that we used to see 100+ years ago? Just what century are you living in that you could be so misguided and clueless? While I don’t agree with the comparisons of President Bush to a chimpanzee, these instances cannot be equated with racism. When have you ever heard a white person be compared to a monkey? You obviously need some racial sensitivity training if you cannot even recognize how offensive your product is. I pray that you find it in your hearts to see that what you are doing is hurtful and wrong.

Megan Galicia

Megan Galicia

You are disgusting to market such an item. What goes around, comes around. It’s all about karma. You are despicable and racist. How dare you! You are probably a member of the Ku Klux Klan, too.

Barbara Wunder Hynes, Ventura, CA

Racist a**holes. You know what you’re doing. Look at your site’s political ad demeaning Obama. You can’t hide behind a McCain equivalent and pretend to be impartial in this. You are fostering hatred.

Todd Coryell at

So the second a few racists and ignorant a**holes wave some cash in your face, you decide to cave in and cash in on a racial slur.


I hope you and your fifteen children and five other wives get to feel one tenth of the racial hatred that I get from prejudice. How DARE you be so ignorant and make this puppet thinking “well the McCain’s a monkey too!” That’s nonsensical and I can’t believe an American like you even exists right now. You deserve to be Olbermann’s worst person in the world because by far YOU are the reason terrorists hate America.

Money rules everything, even common sense apparently. Good luck with the sock puppets, that’s all your good for nothing family is going to be known for.

Justin Good

F*** You

Way to be typical, inbred, racist pieces of sh**. An Obama monkey puppet? Really? I hope a huge black guy rap** your wife in front of you.